sunday, 24 november 2012
Sweater weather

Wearing Topshop skirt & sweater, Sportsgirl heels, bag & watch.

In three days time I will be finishing my three year Fashion course.  Thank-fuck for that.  Mean while I still have the photo shoot for my end of year collection " Captain major " to go which I am looking forward too, I have a baben model, sweet outfits a fab make-up artist and photographer all ready to go!  The last three weeks have literally been the most stressed I have ever been in my entire life, even so that I have stayed home for the last month.  I did however go to the Coldplay concert in Melbourne about two weeks ago and well, to put that bluntly it was f**ken amazing.  The best live act I have ever seen.  This is going to sound lame but it was truly magical, a sea of confetti fell from the tops of the stadium whilst they played.

One thing I have learnt, when you stop going out you tend to save a shit load of money.  Hense why I have these new threads.  I've been on a hunt for a quilted leather skirt but didn't want to pay big the bucks for one or one that didn't cover my back side and I found this one from the Topshop website for around $60.  Holla. xx


  1. Love love love the quilted skirt and that sweater combo <3
    I Miss Autumn haha its currently summer in Australia and its horribly hot i just want to wear sweaters and shorts >=[

  2. Awesome skirt babe!
    Best of luck with the end of fashion studies :)

  3. ahh i love this look! awesome sweater, and i am in love with the skirt xx

  4. Such an awesome look, we would both love to own that skirt! Amazing!

  5. that is the most awesome jumper ever. would be great to see some of your final looks! are you posting any on your blog? good luck with it, i remember how stressful (but yet riveting) my time was finishing my fashion course. *soph

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    kiss and have an happy start of week

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  7. I love you look, I follow you now, I see you on my blog

  8. You look amazing!
    Would u like to follow each other dear?
    Thanks 4 your comment


  9. Thanks for the lovely comment on my post! This is such a great outfit! Love the jumper, and your hair is amazing girl! New follower :) Perhaps if you like my blog we could follow each other?

    Amy x

  10. thanks for your lovely comment :)
    love your pictures ! your style is amazing !


  11. i follow you,can you follow me too?many kisses from italy :)

  12. I love both the sweater and the skirt! plus that bag is awesome, you look great.

  13. Hi there, U look great and snapshots are adorable! I just came around your blog and I find it really nice! Do you want to follow each other? Because I'm following you right now, hope you can do same:D:D:D
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  14. i love your look darling:) i love your blog

  15. really love you style!! Perfect mix & match!

  16. AMAZING skirt !
    Love it !

  17. Hey, dear, you look really amazing! I love your skirt and the studded bag is amazing!
    I was wondering would you like to follow each other? Please let me know :)

  18. Hi!
    I love your style!.
    I follow you!
    I hope you in my blog and if you like follow me!.

  19. Great outfit !! I want your bag !! :)