monday 22, april, 2013
Sweatin’ it

Wearing Zara sweater dress & leopard print doc's. 

Relapse.  That is what I have done.  After a few good weeks of saving (for Japan) I have totally gone loco.  Including this amazing Zara varsity style sweater dress which I purchased a couple of weeks ago at the Bourke St store.  The lime green star details on the cuffs give a jersey style all american feel to the dress.   Tomorrow I'm off to the Friend of Mine sample sale, which I'm dying for as I love every single piece of theirs. 

In other news I have a been busy flat chat, and having an over whelming response to customer orders for my label which I recently launched.  Last week I was contacted by a company with some very exciting news but I will wait until I know the final outcome which then I will share!

Being so busy I decided it was time I became a coffee drinker, by drinking coffee I mean drinking sickly sweet caramel lattes which I did then come to learn are fucking terrible for you.  Ace.  


  1. so jealous your going to the FOM sample sale. why did I ever leave Melbourne and its amazing shopping???
    love this outfit, its all kinds of awesome!

  2. i love your blog!!!
    nice outfit x

  3. I've been searching for a beanie for ages, and I love the shape of yours! Such a quirky silhouette <3

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  4. Love this get up!

    x Sharday


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  5. Thats such a great wall to shoot! Love the dress!!!
    kisses from Paris

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  7. love the sweater
    would you like to follow each other??